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  We love our      wheel section

Cherry Coating  will coat single    or mask over powder to apply     dual colors
Candy Blue parts over chrome powder, this finish looks like it's anodized but   it's the powder coated candy finish we love to put on our customers parts
Swing arms of all styles & lengths
Our wet 99% gloss black look
Candy colors are achieved by
coating a tinted    clear over factory chrome or over a chrome powder
These flashy colors makes a wheel stand tall     in a crowd
  After a good       degreasing,       media blasting,   hand washing,      phosphate         coating and      baking dry, our frames take the powder like they should, in all the     nooks and           cranny's
We use silicon    rubber plugs in  all threaded or bearing surface    holes, teflon tape over studs and outer           contact            surfaces
  This customer's projects: this bike builder is detail oriented and loves perfection
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Greenville, NC Bike Builder
Sweet stylish bike with yardman green accented wheels
-------------------------------------------- Customer projects -------------------------------------------
  Our wet black offers   a very hard    baked on finish that is      of the          highest        reflection
Match you bike's color or go black
Cobalt Blue Candy swing arm
Wet black Harley engine covers (below)
       The Air Brush wizard is only a call away
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Pork Chopper's Custom Paint Shack
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  1 - Pork Chopper's Custom                         Paint Shack
  2 - Twin County Motorsports
  3 - Underdog Motorsports    )
What a sharp looking bike, Pork Chop did all the air brush work and we powder coated the Flame red covers & customized the wheels.
This set of red wheels will be     a new look       on this bike.
               Stop in and check out this mototsport group in Rocky mount.
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                 Cycle repairs & Service Center

If it's broke, this is the shop you need with all work is guaranteed
* Graphics
* Custom Painting
* Drag Bikes
* New & Used Tires with Installation
* Pickup & Delivery Available
* Head Work
* Engine Rebuilding
* Transmission Work
* Chrome parts available
* Polishing
Give Mike a call at 252-258-9918 or e-mail him @
Underdog Bike Shop works on all types of bikes from trail, hard tails, soft tails, Drag bikes of just pleasure riding.
If your bike needs that extra, give Mike a call.
                            of   Greenville, NC
This is with a 300 kit installed