We take and strip the wheel 90%, mask off bearing seating surfaces, plug holes
We media blast, check tape and plugs, hand wash, phosphate coat, bake dry, coat, remove, tape and rienstall grease seals.
Step 1 partial stripped wheels
Step 2 plugging & masking
Step 3 media blasting wheels
Step 4 hand wash
Step 5 bake dry

Step 6 coat wheels
Step 7 bake to cure powder
Step 8 remove masking & plugs
Cherry Coating's Preporation / Coating process
                 for Wheels & brake calipers
We have found that a partial stripping of base paints will eliminate excessive media blasting which can damage the wheels surface. We allow an etching / degreasing chemical to set for 90 seconds and then remove it by hand washing with fresh water. After baking to dry any moisture from the wheels, a wait to cool time comes into play, patiently waiting for the wheels to cool so the freshly applied powder will adhere and not melt on contact. After coating the wheels are then baked to a hard flat shiny finish as can be seen on any of our Cherry Coated wheels.
Re-coating brake calipers ( before, during & after )
We normally are brought parts that require degreasing & cleaning. After they are dried off we mask all contact areas and plug all threaded holes. Using Teflon tape keeps factory tolerances by leaving those areas uncoated. Not knowing all parts, it is required by us to discuss these areas with each              customer to ensure we are all on the same page prior to coating.
After all masking is complete,parts are them media blasted as shown above                               awaiting the final steps of the coating process.
  After they are coated, all plugs and masking is removed. Parts are displayed                    for the customers approval, then bagged for finish protection.