Finish restoration on customer parts by Cherry Coating
  We custom coat what ever walks through the door and never know what's next.
We coat dual colors on the same part, we coat single colors and tinted clear candy's that require a chrome powder coated base.
Below are a few customer before & after shots. We take great pride in our work and will be glad to show you available colors to help complete your projects.
Well the pictures say it all. When you decide to upscale your projects look and decide on a color, we take it the rest of the way. We take pictures of all of our work from start to finish and after being a custom powder coater for over 4 years, now we have coated thousands of different parts.
The one thing about being a custom powder coater is we don't coat the same things day after day and in order to be good at a variety of parts you have to coat them and believe me there are all different material types, weights, thicknesses, shapes and sizes.
  We coat parts          from hand size  to  full size         car/truck                 chassis
When we receive parts, we look for any plastic, threaded studs, holes or contact surfaces that don't get coated.
We tape, plug and mask areas prior to media blasting so the only areas that are blasted are the places that will be coated.
We take parts, degrease and either soda blast or 80 grit media blast.
We also stock a variety of clear coats to bake over your finish to protect it even more when exposed to harsh elements or environments.
Cherry Coating is a small family owned and operated business